No Bake Holiday Cookie Cubes


Gingerbread Cookie Sticks

Bought some Gingerbread Cookie Sticks from Trader Joes which were awesome – soft, chewy and great flavor. Wanting to bake some myself at home, I found this recipe which looks pretty close. They bake in a sheet pan and are sliced while still warm. These will be great for Christmas.

Chocolate Chili Cherry Cookies

Yesterday I bought a new spice called Chocolate Chili, which has cocoa nibs with 4 different kinds of chili peppers, cinnamon, juniper berries, oregano, allspice, salt, maple sugar, onion, garlic and coffee! Wow, what a mix! This had me thinking it would be good in a chocolate based cookie. Then I was thinking cherries! An online search brought me to this recipe. I have an annual cookie contest/exchange I need a cookie for and I’m going to give this recipe a try, substituting my new spice. I’m not sure about the onion and garlic though. It’s far down on the ingredient list so maybe it won’t affect it. We will see. If it works out, to the contest it goes!

Update:  These turned out pretty gross. The spice was too much. If I did it over, I would only use chili powder and just a touch.